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Retaining walls are an important part of landscaping that when created properly are both visually stunning and practical. At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, we do not just build walls to retain your soil but we also value the importance of aesthetics. We have retaining brick and block solutions of different forms and sizes and can also come in desired colours to match the surrounding landscape. Our retaining walls can adapt to suit your needs and also be used to signify a walkway, driveway and more.

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Types of retaining walls

There are several types of retaining walls. The main retaining walls we build are:

Gravity walls

Gravity walls depend on their mass (stone, concrete or other heavy material) to resist pressure from behind and may have a ‘batter’ setback to improve stability by leaning back toward the retained soil. Our team of pro bricklayers construct suitable gravity walls which not only retain your soil but also beautify your landscape. At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, we have several different types of retaining walls styles. For projects that require more structural strength, we can create retaining walls using concrete blocks that are reinforced with concrete and steel starter bars to increase the strength and load carrying capacity.

Brick Retaining walls

Depending on the structural load requirements, Ballarat Pro Bricklayers can create single skin or double skin brick retaining walls built on a concrete footing to suit your tastes. These walls can be built from recycled bricks to match your house, can be rendered and even bagged if you are looking for a more textured finish. All brick and retaining walls need to be on a solid structure like a concrete footing and our team are able to dig, trench and pour these footings, taking the stress out of your brick retaining wall project.

Why brick retaining walls?

Ballarat Pro Bricklayers are able to create beautiful feature brick retaining walls that tie into your home or property. Retaining walls are not only practical in preventing soil erosion and preventing the movement of soil, they can also add depth and elegance to your garden. We’re able to build brick retaining walls that create layers in your garden, separating areas and creating new spaces that bring a new look to your garden and backyard. We’re even able to work with an electrician to allow for garden lighting in your brick retaining wall, create lit paths and walkways to add appeal and value to your property.

You can count on us for a durable timeless masterpiece. Call on us today for bespoke services!

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