Bricklayers Ballarat

At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, we are passionate about producing high quality bricklaying as well as providing a great experience for our clients.

Ballarat Pro Bricklayers build your dream structure, providing bespoke bricklaying services adjusted to your very needs. We are trusted your plug for blocklaying all over Ballarat, completing projects in Lake Wendouree, Golden Point, Lake Gardens, Inverymay Park, Mount Helen and Buninyong and many more.

Not only can we supply high quality materials, we also boast of a team of innovative pro bricklayers alongside state of the art machinery to deliver all forms of brickwork and blockwork, brick fencing, retaining walls and letter boxes all the way up to large scale commercial bricklaying projects. 

We have an age long record for excellence and we are just a call away, so call on us today for a free consultation and quote!

Why choose Ballarat Pro Bricklayers? (H4)

We always get the job done and offer great quality for your money. Our designs are classy and durable and we work with you from the very start to the end as we cut through milestones which draw you closer to your dream home or project completion. We are highly skilled and our workforce of expert brick and blocklayers undertake different volumes of commercial and residential projects.

We have a Fantastic service from start to finish, built an interactive base with all our clients, and deliver a high standard of work which we always strive to complete within the agreed time frame.

At Bricklayers Ballarat, we are professional and friendly and come highly recommended for a straightforward and stress free experience! So contact us today for a free quote.

Bricklaying Services Ballarat (H2)

Brick Fences Ballarat (H3)

If you’re in the market for a new brick fence, then call on our team of bricklayers Ballarat today! Our brick fences are not just aesthetically pleasing but also improve on the value of your property, and can be built in a range of stylish designs to suit your taste. Our blocklayers Ballarat are your friendly neighborhood bricklayers and provide expert services you can count on.

Brick Repairs Ballarat (H3)

We repair all forms of damaged bricks and brickwalls, we are expert bricklayers and we ensure fixed areas do not look any different from original areas. We ensure the structural integrity of your building is maintained as our blocklayers use the best in materials.

We are here for you no matter the level of damage, from small scale repairs to full property renovation, no job is too small or large. Contact us today or visit our Ballarat office for your consultations and quotes.

Retaining Walls Ballarat (H3)

Your property deserves a Ballarat Pro touch. Our retaining walls add to  your landscape, keep your soil properly checked and can be designed to create the look you’re after.

Contact our team for durable erosion control block and brick retaining walls.  Our retaining walls are effective and can be constructed at a competitive cost. Let our expert brick layers provide the best solution for your construction needs.

Commercial Bricklaying Ballarat (H4)

Ballarat Pro Bricklayers has completed many commercial building projects over the years. We are your go to contactors for office and workspace extensions and renovations, with experience servicing commercial premises in and around Lake Wendouree, Lake Gardens, Mount Helen and Buninyong to name a few. We’d be able to provide bricklaying services for your next commercial project, whether that’s new office blocks, retail fit outs, restaurants, show rooms and new builds. We’re able to work in with your design team and work to any plans given, incorporating different styles of brick and blockwork, including various bonds like english, flemmish, stackbond and architect specified designs. We take pride in our work and are able to produce stunning feature brick finishes.

Our extensive knowledge in the construction industry and innovative approach to commercial construction and building design gives us the high ground on the most effective approaches in planning, design and construction in accordance to legislation and local authority regulations. You can contact us today for samples of our past work, our extensive array of designs as well as consultations on cost, landscape, environmental survey and construction

With safety as our priority, we ensure we’re always within health and safety regulations and are always armed with a health and safety plan and the required SWMS for your commercial bricklaying Ballarat project. We take all necessary precautions to keep you and our team in a work safe environment.

Never hesitate to call us whenever you need highly skilled commercial contractors that will complete your project in the stipulated time and within budget. We are the best at what we do and you can always trust our team at Ballarat Pro Bricklayers. 

Quality blockwork is an important component of every construction project and it is of the utmost importance to work with bricklayers that you can trust. Our history of excellence earned over years of stellar blockwork precedes us and all over Ballarat we are known to deliver.

Our team of expert bricklayers are armed with years of experience and have the equipment to match our innovative expertise. So think Ballarat Pro Bricklayers whenever you need commercial brickwork contractors, and never hesitate to get in touch.

We know the importance of keeping it local, and always strive to work with local business owners to supply our materials. With years of industry experience, we benefit from a level of knowledge which enables us to give in depth and valuable advice to all of our customers. 

Domestic Bricklaying Ballarat (H5)

In Ballarat and its surrounding suburbs, Ballarat Pro Bricklayers has built residential builds with stunning designs and at the most competitive prices. As contractors and brick construction experts in the building industry, we are committed to providing total satisfaction for our clients no matter their needs. We will construct your new homes, pool houses, all kinds of sheds and building extensions as well as apartment buildings. All work is carried out by qualified tradesmen to the highest standards. We offer the following domestic construction services:

New Homes Ballarat

Our expert bricklayers add a golden touch to your homes. Our finishes are classy and timeless and leave you with walls so beautiful you can not take your eyes off them. We are always by you from foundation to finish, building your dream home a block at a time, and at a friendly and flexible budget. 

We also undertake redevelopment of existing properties, converting and extending to achieve the desired design and layout. This is often the case with historical and agricultural buildings where close consideration of the design and character of the buildings is of most importance. 

We have built appropriate housing, terrace and flats above shops in urban areas, apartments with communal space with traditional housing with front and rear gardens in suburban areas. We have also undertaken many bespoke detached properties in more rural areas designed to the client’s specification.

Conversion and Redesign

Ballarat pro Bricklayers has carried out a lot of building conversions within Ballarat and it’s suburbs on all types of property. No matter your location, we are always there for you and are always available to offer top notch bricklaying services within and outside the city. We make your buildings serve you better, become more liveable and give you all the space you desire.

We convert building spaces, barns, garage conversions and multi-occupancy conversions.

Bricklayers Ballarat have a reputation of converting different types of buildings into bedsits and flats as well as family dwellings. 

Bricklaying Extensions Ballarat

Over the years, Ballarat Pro Bricklayers has carried out many home extensions in Ballarat and on different property types. 

We advise our clients on different ways to maximize the potential of their space to better suit their taste, and are able to assist and offer advice through the survey and design process, tailoring our construction to accommodate different design tastes.

Our Blocklayers Ballarat transform your home, whether from a one story to two storey or enlarge your bathroom, kitchen or living areas to produce a more usable effective space. Think of what a larger living room, bedroom or dream kitchen or bathroom will do for your home and your family. Our team will transform your home and property adding value as well as useful practical space to meet the needs of your family.

We even cater to home extension projects designed for use by elderly or those with disability where accessibility is important. We come through for you and have years of experience in the design and practical issues involved in such home extension projects and can offer advice crafted to the needs of the individual.

We cover all of Ballarat and it’s surrounds, from Scotsburb to Blowhard, Burrumbeet to Ballan, our team of Bricklayers Ballarat are sure to be able to assist you in any of your renovation and extension needs. 

Brick Letterboxes Ballarat

If you’re looking for bricklayers in Ballarat to create a stunning feature letterbox for your home then look no further. We have built a wide range of brick mailboxes from quality materials built to last. We can work on any design and can build from different materials like clay bricks, blocks, feature bricks, all to stand out and give your home a classy differential from your neighbours. We build free standing letterboxes for lawns and driveways and can incorporate a letterbox into a new brick fence. Our finishes can be a combination of bagged brickwork, rendered, feature blockwork and even a letter box with capping. Contact us today for amazing bricklaying services!

Brick Planterbox Ballarat

Ballarat Pro Bricklayers is the masonry choice for elegant entry planters. Planter boxes complement your landscape, fence or brick-paver landing. Our brick planter boxes are ideal for the growth of garden plants that need different soil conditions from the ones in your flower beds. Our raised planters are also easier to reach if you find it difficult to crouch or kneel at ground level and can be constructed to any shape or design you desire. Whatever your bricklaying needs, our team is here to help. Contact us today for a free quote. 

Brick Fences Ballarat (own page)

Our brick fences stand tall and add a ton of value to your property. We are your go to brick  contractors for brick fencing of all types across Ballarat and the suburbs – from Lake Wendouree, Lake Gardens, Golden Point, Inverymay Park, Mount Helen and and Buninyong to name a few. With years of experience creating fences and beautiful blockwork, we have the ability to complete any fence construction project, no matter how big or small.

Types of Brick Fences Ballarat

Our team typically supply and install fences for homeowners and commercial properties. We can provide an extensive range of fencing solutions such as block fences, combination walls, Aluminum fences, custom rendered fences and more

Combination Brick Fences 

Our combination wall fences are a unique solution to your fencing requirements, combining a brick fence with piers with steel infill. At Ballarat Pro brick fences, we build and install superior brick-based fences that are built to last. Made to be the perfect combination of form and function, our brick render and steel fences can improve the look and security of your property. Available in a number of colors and protected against tarnishing, our fences add prestige and style to your home or business making us the go to choice of bricklayers Ballarat. 

Brick and Aluminum Fences

At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, our brick and aluminum fencing solutions are available for a wide range of applications, from commercial buildings to industrial applications or just to beautify your home. When you choose our bricklayers Ballarat, you can count on our team of expert bricklayers for top quality fence components, optimal durability and security. We are with you every step of the way through your brick fence project.

Need help choosing the right type of fence for your landscape? We have all the expertise you need and we are always happy to help you select fences and designs that suit your property.

Custom Rendered Fences

Our custom rendered fences combine the best quality bricks and rendering to provide your fence with a beautiful finishing touch. In addition, rendered surfaces are protected from the adverse effects of rain and other natural elements and its color and texture can be made to match your landscape and taste. Our team of expert blocklayers are just a call away so whenever you think about getting that brick wall done, call our team of bricklayers Ballarat!

Benefits of brick fences

Fences are no longer just barriers but also can make or break your kerb appeal. Our brick fences do not just secure your property and mark boundaries, but also are now widely used as the edging to frame your garden, the highlight to your landscape design or as the focal point of your frontage. Choosing the right one amongst hundreds of fence ideas and designs is vital. At bricklayers Ballarat, our brick fences match the homeowner’s style and landscape and provide a solution to your fencing needs.

We have an expert team of dedicated blocklayers as well as the requisite equipment, so we are ready whenever you are. You can be rest assured your work will be delivered on time and within budget, all this without compromising on top notch quality.

We do brick installation of all sorts and fencing to suit your needs. We also offer a variety of finishes for both products. No matter your reason for wanting a fence, we have the perfect fencing option for you.

Our Ballarat bricklayers ensure all jobs done are to the highest standard possible and offer a timeless look you’re sure to be proud of. We are attentive to detail and work closely with our clients so their imaginations are brought to reality.

Brick Repairs Ballarat (own page)

At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, we offer a full range of building and maintenance services for any project however big or small, private or commercial.

Our blocklayers are highly skilled and reliable and we pride ourselves on our reputation of delivering quality services to our clients all around Ballarat

How brickwork gets damaged

Damaged brick walls do not just look ugly but also run the risk of developing larger problems and may lead to reducing the structural integrity of your building. Factors like dampness, bad workmanship, faulty construction and car accidents are some of the major culprits responsible for the damage to brick walls. We offer a wide range of services aimed at combating each root cause and restoring your property to pristine condition, even offering brickwork for insurance jobs.

Brick Repair and Restoration

We offer a full range of brick maintenance services for any project whether it’s big or small, private or commercial.

We are here for you no matter the project, from small scale maintenance to a new build or full property renovation, no job is too small or large. 

Our team of bricklayers specialise in repairing brick work, block work, repointing, lime mortar, brick repairs and replacement for cracked or damaged bricks, chimney repairs and repointing. All of our work is completed to the highest standard. 

We have extensive experience of working with new, reclaimed and restoration materials to blend perfectly old and new – whatever the age of the property.

At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, our team of expert Bricklayers are always extremely professional and courteous from initial contact through to completion of the job. We always explain all options available and the details of your job and take pride in our good reputation for providing a reliable, professional and high quality service at an affordable price.

Pointing and Repointing

At Ballarat Pro Bricklaying, our expert team of blocklayers are also specialists in all aspects of stone and brick pointing located in the Ballarat, VIC area.

We are fully focused on providing a brick and stone pointing service for domestic and commercial customers in Ballarat and it’s surrounding suburbs. We have a team of highly trained bricklayers that can finish your project to the highest standard.

Get in touch with our team today for all of your brick repair needs. 

Retaining walls Ballarat (own page)

Retaining walls are an important part of landscaping that when created properly are both visually stunning and practical. At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, we do not just build walls to retain your soil but we also value the importance of aesthetics. We have retaining brick and block solutions of different forms and sizes and can also come in desired colours to match the surrounding landscape. Our retaining walls can adapt to suit your needs and also be used to signify a walkway, driveway and more.

Types of retaining walls

There are several types of retaining walls. The main retaining walls we build are:

Gravity walls

Gravity walls depend on their mass (stone, concrete or other heavy material) to resist pressure from behind and may have a ‘batter’ setback to improve stability by leaning back toward the retained soil. Our team of pro bricklayers construct suitable gravity walls which not only retain your soil but also beautify your landscape. At Ballarat Pro Bricklayers, we have several different types of retaining walls styles. For projects that require more structural strength, we can create retaining walls using concrete blocks that are reinforced with concrete and steel starter bars to increase the strength and load carrying capacity. 

Brick Retaining walls 

Depending on the structural load requirements, Ballarat Pro Bricklayers can create single skin or double skin brick retaining walls built on a concrete footing to suit your tastes. These walls can be built from recycled bricks to match your house, can be rendered and even bagged if you are looking for a more textured finish. All brick and retaining walls need to be on a solid structure like a concrete footing and our team are able to dig, trench and pour these footings, taking the stress out of your brick retaining wall project.

Why brick retaining walls 

Ballarat Pro Bricklayers are able to create beautiful feature brick retaining walls that tie into your home or property. Retaining walls are not only practical in preventing soil erosion and preventing the movement of soil, they can also add depth and elegance to your garden. We’re able to build brick retaining walls that create layers in your garden, separating areas and creating new spaces that bring a new look to your garden and backyard. We’re even able to work with an electrician to allow for garden lighting in your brick retaining wall, create lit paths and walkways to add appeal and value to your property. 

You can count on us for a durable timeless masterpiece. Call on us today for bespoke services!

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